Corporate Photography - Fundraising Gala / by Denny Henry

Non-profits all over the country use fundraising events and galas as ways to meet their operating budgets as well as raise money for new endeavors.  Over the past few years, I've photographed a number of fundraising events for organizations around the washington area, and I've seen first hand that when the events are well run, they can be extremely benificial to the organization hosting them.  

Great Washington DC Event photography

A large part of a successfull fundraiser is showing the atendees that their time (and money) is appreciated.  Often, this is where I come in.  Quality images from the event can have many uses.  They can promote the event the following year, accompanny press releases,  be distributed to local social magazines, and in some cases given to the guests themselves.  Photography can play a big part in developing and sustaining ongoing relationships with donors. 

Couple dancing at a Washington DC Fundraiser

At this particular fund raiser I was there in two capacities.  I photographed the event itself with a mix of candid and semi-candid images.  I also brought two other photographers with me to shoot step and repeat photos and print them on site.  Our setup allowed the guests to have their picture taken during the cocktail hour, and have a print of the image to take home with them at the end of the evening.  

Step and repeat portraits at a Washington DC fundraiserSome of the step and repeat portraits

Custom folders for on site printsCustom printed folders for the prints