Corporate Event Photography - Policy Summit in Washington, DC by Denny Henry

Above are a few images of the speakers at a recent event at the St. Regis Hotel in Washington, DC. The planned usage for the images are the organizer's printed magazine and website, so it was crucial to get good images of every speaker and panelist.  

Portraits - Interior Portraits on Capitol Hill by Denny Henry

Some recent head shots from Capitol Hill.  The portraits are mainly lit using window light with a small bit of fill from my battery powered Elinchrom lighting system.

A few of these interns really have the "Politician" pose down pat.

Corporate Event Photography - The Networking shots by Denny Henry

While It's not the most glamorous part of any event, I really enjoy hunting out the moments between people during networking sessions.  Some groups are definitely more engaged than others, but there are always moments to be found.  

Images of famous or distinguished speakers get plenty of use in company websites, blog posts, and newsletters, but images of happy and engaged attendees that will be filling the promotional materials for next years event.   

Artist at Work - Neon Fabrication by Denny Henry

A few weeks ago I spent some time photographing Mark Westphal while he fabricated neon sculptures at Ion Art in Austin, TX. Mark was increadibly gracious to let me photograph him working, and regaled me with stories of his history working in the craft.

Before I decided to photograph Mark, I did some research on how neon signs and sculptures are made, and while there was a lot of technical info, I couldn't find many photographs of the people who work in it. Mark made the whole process look easy, in the way only someone with decades of experience can. 

The pieces Mark was working on are going to be part of a large show / party celebrating the 100th anniversary of neon.  I wish I could see the finished product, the theme for the event is "The Surreal Jungle" and it should be pretty amazing.