Corporate Portraits - Capitol Hill Portraits by Denny Henry

Each new season brings new interns to DC. We had to postpone this shoot due to the incredibly cold temperatures this year. Even though the Capitol Reflecting Pool was full of ice, the day was pretty nice.

Education Photography - Catholic University Viewbook by Denny Henry

At the end of the last school year I had the pleasure to spend a week photographing classes and student life for the Catholic University of America. I'm happy to share some of the images I made for it.  

I had wonderful art-direction from Catholic University's Narguess Moasser and top notch lighting help from Chris Birck, Jason Colston, and Matt DeBruycker.  

Washington DC Corporate Event Photography - Candid Moments Between People by Denny Henry

Finding good candid moments between people at corporate events is one of the greatest challenges, but well worth the effort.  The images of speakers and VIP's usually get the most usage, but candids can give a great view of the atmosphere at an event.   The best moments usually happen quickly at the beginning or end of a conversation, so it's important to pay attention to what's happening. 

Washington, DC - Rally photography by Denny Henry

Over the years I've photographed countless protests and rally's,  in DC they happen very frequently. There are often small demonstrations at a specific embassy or government building. The protests that get the most attention are the large marches on the National Mall.  In the recent years, the number of large actions has increased both in frequency and media coverage. 

Education Photography - GWU Corcoran School Legacy Graduation by Denny Henry

This year was the end of an era for the Corcoran School at the George Washington University. The last class of students who started at The Corcoran before the takeover by GW graduated.  In true Corcoran fashion, they had their own graduation ceremonies separate from the rest of GW, and made it a unique event. Each student received a blank "Artistic License" and chose which professors and other students would sign it.