They get off the water

“My expenses, since I’ve started doing it, most all my expenses have tripled. But the price of, price of that fish, on average has stayed about the same. I mean that’s why you see so many people, see a lot of people, hear about more people getting off the water, looking for other jobs. It’s not a lot of what you read about, or hear about, is lack of fish or crabs, that’s not why people get off the water. They get off the water. I’m catching just as many fish or crabs on average, or more a year, than I ever have. But the expenses are just outweighing the prices. A lot of the stuff you hear about, read about, it’s about this great plight of the Chesapeake bay, but that’s not so. it’s just, not profitable. It’s getting less and less profitable to do it every year. And it’s a shame, because the fishing and crabbing has really been, you know, good. But it’s just not, you just can’t profit any money because of that expenses. I’ve been in business, This’ll be the 16th year I’ve been in business for myself, here. My prices are just, about I mean identical, identical to when I started.”

-Greg Swift, pound net fisherman. Reedville, Virginia.