The One That Got Away

This is where the engineering dork in me shines through.
Lufthansa Airlines was making a proving run of a new Airbus A380 into Dulles, Monday evening. The A380 is the largest passenger plane ever built, and they wanted to make sure the ground crews would be able to handle a plane that can carry 555 people.

My dilemma came on finding a way to view, and hopefully photograph, the plane while it was in the area. I called the media people at Dulles to find out if i could gain media access, or if they could tell me when it would be taking off or landing. Lufthansa was hading the media, and I was to late to get a spot with them. The plane would also be landing and taking off at night, in the dark.

I never did see the plane.
Instead I leave you all with the wing of a 757.
Maybe next time.

Denny HenryComment