Wedding Photo Booth

At a recent wedding I shot, the bride asked me if i would be able to set up a simple photo booth in addition to my regular wedding coverage. Never having set up a photo booth before, my inner photo geek came out as I tried to figure out a way to set it up.

Because it was my first time attempting this, I kept the whole thing fairly basic. I set up the rig in a gazebo not far from the tent where the reception would be. The gazebo gave people a confined place to stand for the booth, and had an outlet to power the laptop. The camera was triggered by a remote cord (visible in the upper left photo), and the photos would then display on the connected laptop. I uploaded them to a web gallery later that night.

Wedding photo Booth imagesSet of wedding photo-booth images
There was a steady stream of people taking pictures throughout the evening, and judging by the number of pictures taken, I think it was a hit. I'm currently looking for ways to improve the setup so I can provide prints instantly and give the booth a more finished feel to it.

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