Personal Work

After many years of shooting nothing but digital camera's, I've been sneaking film back into my personal work.  It started when I purchased a Crown Graphic 4x5 camera a little over a year ago, and more recently I've been shooting 35mm as well. 

There have been a few things pushing me back towards film. The film camera's I've been using are the completly manual. The act of manually focusing and advancing the film slows me down just a bit and makes me think about each frame for a little bit longer than I normally would.  It also keeps me on my toes by giving me a few more things to think about. I'm not sure how much longer film will be easy to buy.  It isn't yet at the point where It's hard to find the film I'm looking for, but in five years, it could be very hard (or very expensive).  Black and white film in fully manual cameras is what originally got me interested in photography, I might as well shoot it while I still can. 


The image below is a scan of two images I shot before leaving the Air and Space museum in Dulles a few weekends ago. 

Diptych of a plane leaving Dulles Airport