Group Portrait at the Australian Embassy

Last Night I photographed the Coral Sea dinner at the Australian Embassy here in Washington. The dinner marks the anniversary of the World War Two Battle of the Coral sea. The Australian and United States navies were allies against Japan in the battle, and now the anniversary is used to commemorate the strength of the bond between the two allies.

The guests at the event are mostly high ranking Naval officers from the Australian and United States Navies. My big duty for the evening is getting a group shot of all the attendees before the dinner starts. I photographed this same event last year, so I had a pretty good idea going in of what I would need to do. There is a balcony around the length of the hall where the dinner was taking place that I was able to set up lights and shoot from. I placed two speedotron strobes with umbrellas to the left and right of the camera, and two Nikon Speedlights further down the sides of the hall. The speedotron provided most of the light for the picture, while the speedlights made sure that the VIPs at the head table were all well illuminated.

Group portrait at the Australian Embassy in Washington