Martin - Day Wedding 4x5

I shot the wedding of Marisa Day and Jon Martin a few weeks ago. They were married on Marisa's family farm in rural Virginia. I arrived at the farm about an hour earlier than I needed to so that I could unload my equipment and scout the area. The ceremony was held just outside the house and the reception was in a huge tent set up in the field adjacent to their garden. We found three to four locations that would be suitable for the image of the entire bridal party (ten bridesmaids and six groomsmen), and a few that would work best for just the smaller groups.

My favorite location by far was an old tractor and barn in a field near to the farmhouse. The tractor was old, and rusty, but is still in use by Marisa's family. Marisa and Jon were happy to take the walk with me to get the pictures. I've been trying to get a few large format images at each wedding I've shot recently. When we got to the tractor I shot everything I needed with my SLR and then broke out the 4x5 to make a few extra frames.

Large format image of a bride and groom on an old tractor4x5 by the old barn
Later this week I'll be posting more images from this wedding.