Personal Work - D'Orazio Luthiery Video

Recently I've been getting my feet wet learning video.  Most of the footage I've been shooting never ends up anywhere, it just helps me learn about the craft and process of shooting video.  While I was in college, I worked a little bit collecting audio and editing video in Final Cut Pro, but until recently hadn't done much with what I learned.

For the past few years, a close friend of mine, Mike D'Orazio has been running a custom guitar shop building and repairing guitars and basses.  I've photographed some of his custom guitars in the past, and been really impressed with what he's produced. 

Below is a video of Mike carving the neck of a bass guitar he's currently working on.  This version is still rough around the edges, but I wanted to get it out there to show the progess I'll be making on it over the next few months.