Corporate Photography - Family Day at The Corcoran

This past Sunday was "Family Day" at The Corcoran.  The museum was open free to the public, and performances and children's activities were set up around the gallery. My goal for the event was to get images of families enjoying the various activities. Because of that, most of my images during the performances were focused less on the performers, and more on the spectators. 

The image below is of a performer dancing beneath two giant flags.  I shot it looking down from the second floor of The Corcoran's atrium.  My original reason for going above this performer was to get a few good wide shots.  The performer's flags were huge and stood out nicely against the large crowd of people filling the atriums first floor.  The white mask showing through the flags was just too captivating not to shoot a few tight shots.  I doubt the image will end up in any promotions for next year's "Family Day", but it's still my favorite from the event.


A dancer from Cirque-tacular Entertainment performing at The Corcoran