Video - Corcoran Graduation Webcast

Tomorrow I will be shooting the commencement ceremonies for The Corcoran college of Art + Design.  For this years graduation I will be producing video along with still photographs. I'll be setting up my video camera at the rear of the DAR Constitution Hall and running audio off their sound board.

Since the camera will already be set up, and plugged in to their audio system, I had the (possibly over-ambitious) idea to stream the video feed to the internet in real time.  The setup is fairly simple. during the ceremony, my video camera will recording to mini-dv tape, as well as transfering the video signal to my laptop via firewire.  I'm running a second audio cable from the sound board to my laptop and streaming the feed via 

Assuming everything goes as planned, check back Saturday May 22nd starting at about 4:00pm to see the live stream below.