Corporate Photography - Location Portrait

Although The Corcoran is a rather large building, I am often limited on interior locations that I can use for portraits.  All the great artwork and open areas always make the exhibition spaces the top of my list for portrait locations, and I almost never get to use them.  There are a variety of reasons why I'm never allowed to set up portraits in the gallery space.  I'm sure disrupting visitors, and setting up studio strobes next to priceless works of art are two big reasons right at the top of the list.  The upside to this limitation is that I have been forced to find places that I normally wouldn't use for portraits. 

The below picture was shot outside the director's office on the first floor of The Corcoran.  Half the room is used as an office, while the rest is filled with books from the director Paul Greenhalgh's personal collection.  If I had not been forced to find an un-occupied space, I probably would have completely overlooked this room.  Not because I dislike the room, but because it is simply a place I don't often have a reason to go. 

Location Portrait at the Corcoran