Personal Work - Luray Caverns Triptychs


Panorama of Luray Cavern in VirginiaTriptych panorama of Luray CavernsLast weekend I drove with Jackie to meet her parents at Luray caverns in Virginia.  They were there while traveling along Skyline Drive on a motorcycle for vacation. 

I've been carrying a small film camera with a 50mm lens on weekends as a way to separate shooting for work, and shooting for fun.  The 50mm F/1.4 lens was great for the low lighting of the cave, but the focal length wasn't great for getting images of the large rock formations. In order to overcome the limits of the lens, I decided to make a panorama in the camera.  I shot three images, and tried to line them up so when the film was viewed un-cut it would read like a panorama.  I didn't line up the frames exactly, but overall I think the effect worked well.