Corporate Photography - Corcoran Gallery Exteriors

Most images have a lifespan.  

The image below is a refreshed version of a scene I've shot a few times previously.  The exterior of the Corcoran has recently undergone a lot of changes, and that required new photographs.  The stone was restored to it's original color, and the bright red and orange flags were removed.  The Corcoran is back to looking it's best and new images needed to be shot showing it that way.  

The previous versions of this image appeared in many printed publications for The Corcoran, as well as the home page of the Corcoran website.  When I shot this assignment, I shot a few images very similar to the old ones, and a few that are completely different.  This way the new images can easily be swapped in for the old ones, but also offer new options for future publications.  

Corcoran Gallery of Art 17th Street Entrance

Corcoran Gallery of Art 17th Street Entrance

17th Street Entrance to the Corcoran Gallery