Corporate Photography - Corcoran Galleries (Continued)

Last week I wrote about photographing in low light inside the Corcoran gallery.  The other big challenge of shooting in the galleries are the odd color casts that the walls create.  For example, the Salon Doré is an 18th century room that has been recreated in The Corcoran.  The Salon Doré one of the few rooms in the gallery that has un-obstructed natural light.  The direct light coming through the windows is great, but the walls are covered in gold gilding that reflect back a warm yellow color on the room.  I normally end up using my Colorchecker Passport to set my white balance manually, and still have to adjust it slightly in Lightroom. 

The images below are of a tour for new graduate students led by a conservator who helped to restore the Salon Doré.  

Corcoran Graduate students in the gallery

Corcoran Graduate students in the Gallery