Wedding Photography - Behind the Scenes

 Part of the reason I love wedding photography (and photography in general) is that a photograph can capture a moment in time that might otherwise be forgotten or ignored. For the bride and groom those pictures are moments with friends and family.  The moments I find while editing are often the in between moments between the action of the day.  

The picture above was taken while I was testing lighting for the formal portraits.  The guests were departing the church, and my second shooter, Jackie, was with the bride and groom in the receiving line.  The image is like so many others that don't end up going to the couple, but is part of the larger amount of work that goes into the day.    

The picture below is Jackie shooting out of a projection booth to capture the bride walking down the aisle.  Part of the fun of  weddings for me is to come into a new space and find the best angles for photography.