Corporate Photography - Metro Light Boxes

Sometimes I know right where my images are going to end up, and other times  I have no idea.  

Armando Lopez Bircann - Original Image

The image here is from the first round of the Corcoran Gallery's ongoing Corcoran People campaign.  

By the time the images were shot, the layout was mostly finalized and ad placements were in the works.  I met with the Corcoran's designer's before the shoot, and had a few mock-ups on hand with the planned layout.  The campaign features a few dozen portraits of people related to The Corcoran.  They all follow the same rough layout with the subject on the right, and space on the left for text placement.  

Placement in the Columbia Heights Metro.

The most immediate (and largest) usage for the images was the light box spaces in Washington's Metro stops.  

Placement in Washington City Paper

One of the secondary placements for this image was in print papers around the Washington DC. This scan shows how an image appeared on the back cover of the Washington City Paper.