Editorial Photography - Waiting for the light

I've spent countless hours photographing people in gallery, museum, and event spaces throughout Washington.  Sometimes the images are for promotion of the gallery or museum and we have various people who can stand in and "view" the artwork / performance / event space to be promoted.  Other times I'm trying to capture real people actually looking at / interacting with the artwork.  Each type of photograph has it's own use, but given the choice, I prefer to capture the un-scripted natural moments.

Graffiti created by various artists covers the walls of the Art Whino space in South West Washington, DC.

The image at left is one of my recent favorites.  I shot it while photographing visitors to the Art Whino space in South West DC.  The building is an old Church converted to be used as a gallery and event space.  The goal was to show both the (Large) graffiti murals and (small) people in the same shot.  The old church had plenty of color, but not much natural light.   Much of this particular shoot I spent waiting for people to walk through the few area's of nice light.