Corporate Photography - Shuttersnitch

Recently I've been working on location more often with art directors and designers to make sure the images fit existing layouts.  One of the most helpful things with this has been shooting wireless to my iPad.  By using an Eye-Fi card and the Shuttersnitch app,  jpg versions of my images wirelessly transfer to the iPad.  Thus giving the art director a preview of how the images are turning out.  

It's been especially helpful when setting up and planning specific shots.  We can nail down a composition quickly and easily before the subject arrives.  

The Shuttersnitch interface.

Waiting for images to transfer to the iPad.  

The setup is by no means perfect, there is a noticeable lag between when the images are shot, and when they appear on the iPad.  It's not a big deal when shooting slowly, but in faster situations, the system can get a little bogged down. 

Denny HenryComment