Corporate Photography - Artini at the Corcoran

Group portrait of Artini Mixologists

Earlier in the year, I photographed the mixologists for the annual Artini event at the Corcoran.     

Artini is hosted every year at the Corcoran as a fundraiser and social event.  The idea behind the event is that local bartenders and mixologists create martini's based on works of art in The Corcoran's collection.  Tasters then get to vote on which drink is their favorite.  As far as I know the winner only gets bragging rights.

The final image is displayed on the Corcoran's Artini page. Individual portraits from the shoot are also on the Corcoran's Tumblr page.  

The concept for the shoot started with the notion of a Top Chef style portrait and the communications department sent me an example image of what they were looking for.  I took their idea and adapted it to the Corcoran.  Rather than shoot the image in a studio or against a backdrop, we used the Corcoran's beautiful atrium space to shoot in.  

The setup for the shot was fairly simple to match the style they were looking for.  The main light was from a large softbox on a boom above the camera.  There were grided spots to the left and right of the group about 10 feet away, and slightly in front.  There was also a regular spot about 20 feet behind the group and 8 feet in the air.  

Diagram of the lighting setup, not to scale.

The main light came from a large softbox on a boom above the camera.