Personal Photography - Museum Guards

During my time photographing for The Corcoran I spent countless hours in the gallery spaces.  Sometimes the galleries were empty, sometimes they were packed full of tourists, artists, children, students or volunteers.  The one group that was always there no matter the day were the guards.  

While I was photographing, I had an ongoing but un-official project to photograph the guards in the gallery spaces.  Because they were always there, I always had subjects.  Unfortunately, with the end of The Corcoran, the project will come to an abrupt and incomplete end.  

There were a few guards who I would interact with on a more frequent basis. Berhanu, (quoted in this Washington Post article) would often be working while I photographed student artwork late into the evening. He would read the artist statements for every student's work. The Corcoran's guards were a welcoming and helpfull group that I'm sad I won't be working with any longer.