Corporate Portrait Photographer - Head Shots In Front Of The US Capitol Building


I had a short time frame for this round of portraits in front of the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC. The group didn't arrive at the Capitol until 2:45pm and sunset was about 5:45pm. Three hours is the minimum time I wanted for shooting 7 group photos and 20 individual portraits.  

Photo shoots are allowed on the grounds of the capitol as long as there are no light stands, tripods, and nothing is interfering with the flow of pedestrians. I understand why they have these rules, and they really just require a little extra planning to make everything run smoothly.  I used hand held, battery powered, Elinchrom strobes so I could control the lighting. I also shot tethered to my iPad so each person could review their portraits immediately.

UPDATE: The rules for photography have changed at the Capitol and this location is no longer available for this type of commercial photography.  

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