Non-Profit Photography - Advocacy on Capitol Hill by Denny Henry

Part of what I love about being a photographer is meeting people I wouldn't ordinarily meet and seeing things I wouldn't otherwise witness. In college and early in my career I would photograph hearings and press conferences up on the hill.  This is the side of democracy that is most visible to the public, and what happens in these hearings have a great impact on our country.  

The other (more personal) side of democracy happens when citizens meet with their elected officials and tell their own stories.  I don't know if the statistics back it up, but I'm sure meeting with constituents and hearing the personal impact of legislation has to have at least some influence on a lawmaker. 

Sometimes advocates are experienced with sharing their stories , but Just as often, this is the first time they've shared their stories with anyone involved in making policy.  I'm constantly amazed by the passionate and articulate stories they tell. 

Personal Work - People Viewing the (Partial) Solar Eclipse by Denny Henry

Like many others I went outside on August 21st to view the solar eclipse. I really am a photographer of people, so I didn't shoot any images of the eclipse itself, just of the people viewing it. 

Portrait Photography - Shallow Depth of field outdoors by Denny Henry

I don't often write about the technical side of my photography, but this post will be the exception. I've upgraded a lot of my lighting equipment over the past few months and it's really helped to unlock some creative possibilities in my work.  

The feature I've been enjoying the most out of this new gear is the Hi-Sync functionality of my Elinchrom flashes. By going over the normal Nikon sync speed of 1/250 I'm able to decrease my aperture and give a nice shallow depth of field to my outdoor portraits.

This was especially helpful for the portraits below because we had to schedule these portraits during the harsh noon sunshine.  

Corporate Photography - Golf by Denny Henry

This summer I once again photographed the Perfect Sense Digital Pro-Am tournament before the Quicken Loans National tournament in Maryland.  I usually have two goals for my photography at these events. The first is to get at least one good action photo of every golfer sponsored by Perfect Sense. This goal takes up the majority of my time.  Golf is a long game, and It takes a fair amount of time for the foursomes to make their way around the course.  My second, more elusive, goal is to get good interactions between the players throughout the day.  For the most part, I have to pick good locations and stay on my toes to catch the moments as they happen.  As always, this years was tiring, but great.

Portrait Photography - Senior Portraits by Denny Henry

Other than weddings, my photo work has always been for editorial or corporate clients.  It's rare that I shoot family photography, and earlier this summer I shot my first senior portraits. 

I've known Reese all of her life and I was thrilled to shoot some portraits of her while I was in Ashville, NC.  Before the shoot, Reese gave me some great examples of the style of photography she likes, and she also picked some great locations to shoot. I'd never been to Ashville before, so I had no idea what to expect.

Who knew a brewery parking lot could look so good.