Corporate Portrait Photographer - "Candid" meetings by Denny Henry

These images are from a recent shoot for the Institute for Humane Studies.  Professor Josh Hall was in northern Virginia for a previous commitment, and we were able to get about an hour of his time to make some photographs of him meeting with graduate fellows.

Because our time was limited, I arrived early to scout the location and set up lighting. I decided on a few areas in the IHS offices where I could mix the outside natural light with my own lighting. My goal was to balance the light coming in through the windows with my Elinchrom strobes so that it would appear natural, and not overly lit.

New Branding by Denny Henry

Thanks to some wonderful design work by Dick Costa I have a slew of new branding and promotional materials. The post cards and business cards are going out to current and potential clients and the stickers are going all over my gear. 

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Corporate Portrait Photographer - Head Shots In Front Of The US Capitol Building by Denny Henry


I had a short time frame for this round of portraits in front of the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC. The group didn't arrive at the Capitol until 2:45pm and sunset was about 5:45pm. Three hours is the minimum time I wanted for shooting 7 group photos and 20 individual portraits.  

Photo shoots are allowed on the grounds of the capitol as long as there are no light stands, tripods, and nothing is interfering with the flow of pedestrians. I understand why they have these rules, and they really just require a little extra planning to make everything run smoothly.  I used hand held, battery powered, Elinchrom strobes so I could control the lighting. I also shot tethered to my iPad so each person could review their portraits immediately.

UPDATE: The rules for photography have changed at the Capitol and this location is no longer available for this type of commercial photography.  

Learn more about my portrait work or view my full portrait portfolio.


Corporate Event Photography - Policy Summit in Washington, DC by Denny Henry

Above are a few images of the speakers at a recent event at the St. Regis Hotel in Washington, DC. The planned usage for the images are the organizer's printed magazine and website, so it was crucial to get good images of every speaker and panelist.  

Washington DC Portraits - Interior Portraits on Capitol Hill by Denny Henry

Some recent head shots from Capitol Hill.  The portraits are mainly lit using window light with a small bit of fill from my battery powered Elinchrom lighting system.

A few of these interns really have the "Politician" pose down pat.