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Corporate Photography - Chuck Close at The Corcoran

I've photographed a number of well knows artists since I've started shooting for The Corcoran Gallery. Chuck Close recently spoke about his life and work, and was one of the artists that was the easiest for me to relate.  When most artists talk about their early careers they may hint at struggles or lean years, but never really delve into specific challenges they faced.  Mr. Close spoke candidly about the challenges he faced both in life and art that helped to form him as the artist he is. One of the large reasons he was speaking so candidly is that he was being interviewed by his friend and biographer, Christopher Finch. Mr. Finch knows Chuck's history and was able to develop the conversation to reveal the history of Mr. Close's life and work, the same way he would in a printed book. 

Chuck Close at The Corcoran in Washington, DC.

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