Washington DC Corporate Photography - Hay Adams Portrait by Denny Henry

I recently had the opportunity to make a few portraits of Ian Bremmer that would accompany an interview posted on the Workday blog.  We shot the portraits on the balcony of the Hay-Adams hotel overlooking the White House and Washington Monument.  

Ian Bremmer in front of the White House and Washington Monument.

Ian Bremmer in front of the White House and Washington Monument.

Corporate Photography - Outtakes and Extras by Denny Henry

Photograph of conference speakers searching the audience. Washington, DC.

Photograph of conference speakers searching the audience. Washington, DC.

95% of the photography that I shoot is for other people, and I'm always trying to tell a story or fill a need when I'm producing those photographs. When I'm editing my photographs I often find extra images that probably won't ever be used by the client. Unless the images are unflattering, I usually include them in my selects. I think of them like little Easter Eggs in my galleries. 

Corporate Portrait Photography - On-Location Portraits at the Omni Shoreham in Washington, DC by Denny Henry

I recently had the pleasure of photographing a few volunteers for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. 

During the sessions, I heard a lot of the stories about the volunteers personal connections to Cystic Fibrosis and some are truly heartbreaking. At the same time,  I am amazed at the overwhelmingly positive outlook these volunteers have for the future. I have no doubt that much of this positive attitude is due to the great work that the Cystic Fibrosis foundation does, and the research into treatments for CF that they fund. The ultimate goal of the foundation is to find a permanent cure for CF, but they also help fund research into drugs that are already impacting the quality life for people living with CF.  

Corporate Portrait Photography - Artists and Designers in Washington DC by Denny Henry

I recently photographed portraits of participants in  Adobe's Creative Jam in Washington, DC. The group consisted of designers, photographers and other creatives, and I wanted to make the portraits a little edgier than I normally would. 

These portrait were for each individual person, and don't need to match each other. I created a lighting setup that would allow everyone to do something a little different, and we could try different poses for each person. I set up a small softbox overhead for the main light and a large umbrella directly behind the camera for fill. This set up let the subjects move around a good deal without impacting the light.  


Corporate Event Photographer - Storytelling and The Extra Mile by Denny Henry

I recently photographed guest speaker Tom W. Bell at The Institute for Humane Studies. Professor Bell has a long relationship with IHS, and they were eager to get images that show more than him speaking.

My goal for the afternoon was to capture quality images of the presentations and behind the scenes moments to give a peak into a guests lecturers visit. 

I stayed around a little longer than I was scheduled to get some candid images. That extra time allowed me to find some great moments between Professor Bell and IHS staff members.