What makes a good Conference and Corporate Event Photographer?

Any photographer you consider hiring should have specific experience photographing large scale conferences and events. Listed below are some things to consider so you'll get the best images possible.


What to look for in a portfolio

Look for portfolios that contain all the types of images you'll need. The most important shots are usually keynote speakers, candid moments between attendees, and crowd shots. 

  • Variety - All the types of images you'll need
  • Moments - 
  • Expressions - 
  • Lighting - 

Finding the Moments

There are plenty of photographers who can shoot a speaker at a podium. But those aren't the kinds of images that get viewers excited for the next conference. Images that show moments between people and speakers engaging with the audience will get people fired up.  

Values Your Brand

A good photographer will know that both the photographer and their pictures will be representing your brand. They should know how to dress appropriately and blend in with other staff member, attendees, or presenters.